Beggin For Thread by Banks (Goddess)

Stooped down and out
You got me beggin’ for thread
To sew this hole up
that you ripped in my head

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Welcome To New York by Taylor Swift (1989)

It’s been waiting for you

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what Christmas looks like

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It’s roughly northwest. That way. 

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The Doctor had a chance but never did it.

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Are you a Junior Accountant? Then Join our Group! "Tumblr Accountants"

We don’t Study Hard,

We study well!

Reblog and Spread our group Fellow Accountants!

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Blasting my speakers with this song. Not the first time this week, erm.

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One of the two top performing schools. Two consecutive October CPA boards top 1s.

Our sister school is killing it!! 🙌

But SLU isn’t doing bad itself. Two consecutive October CPA boards Top 6s. 71.61% passing rate for First timers, 45.45% for second takers, for an overall passing rate of 59.58% (171 out of 287.) Really not bad. We should be proud.

I wish we were more like our sister school. How about we all say, ‘maybe next year?’ :)))

Congratulations to all our new CPAs 👏👏

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